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The beginning of Franchise Business

The slogan “Conservatively Modern Authentic Thai Yentafo” derives from the restaurant’s unique flavor and the fact that it only serves flat noodles with 10 other neatly selected treasures in a large chicken bowl. Yentafo Kruengsonge by A.Mallika is accepted widely by consumers and currently serving over 30 branches both locally and internationally. Apart from the famous Yentafo Noodle, the restaurant also offers a variety of menu such as Steamed pork sparerib in gravy with rice, fish &crab coconut soufflé with rice, Massaman chicken/beef with rice, Spicy stir-fried Southern-style pork sparerib with rice, Savory rice vermicelli,  Steamed pork sparerib in gravy with noodle, Phad thai diet, Green curry with vermicelli, Banana in coconut milk with sesame seeds, Black bean and coconut sticky rice in coconut milk, Pumpkin in coconut milk, Ka-nom Tuay etc. to serve all walks of life. The materials used are well-selected quality materials and are well-processed through a standardized production line as certified by GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice). The business continually grows with brand management experiences for over 20 years. The restaurant therefore is confident and ready to professionally expand the business in the Franchise regime with the team who are ready to support and consult in every aspect.

Franchisee’s rights

  1. Right to use the trade name and trademarks of Yentafo Kruengsonge for the business operation throughout the term of Franchise Agreement
  2. Right to construction and right to use the design standard of Yentafo Kruengsong Restaurant
  3. POS system for the smooth of business operation
  4. Training to prepare staffs before real business operation whereby staff shall receive training on selling, services, cooking, effective restaurant’s management from Mallika Franchise Co., Ltd. The company has a training center for staff to train with the duration of approximately 1 month. Herein, Yentafo Kruengsonge Team shall be sent to help setting up the restaurant before opening.
  5. Consultation Service from Mallika Franchise Co., Ltd.
  6. Manual from Mallika Franchise Co., Ltd. used as business operation standard
  7. Restaurant inspection by Mallika Franchise Co., Ltd. whereby the company shall send an auditor to inspect and examine the performance and resolved any difficulties incurred to ensure the restaurant’s standard compliance

Franchisee’s Qualification

  1. Natural person or juristic person registered in Thailand (For natural person, the franchisee must register a juristic person to be eligible to enter into Franchise Agreement once receive Franchise’s right from Mallika Franchise Co., Ltd.)
  2. Financially stable and ready to invest
  3. Able to enter into training to become restaurant’s manager
  4. Able to strictly perform according to procedures, conditions, and standards of Franchise system
  5. Business-oriented
  6. Full dedication to restaurant business operation according to the standard of Mallika Franchise Co., Ltd.
  7. Service-minded with a focus on customer service
  8. Human resources readiness to support the business operation
  9. Good attitude and good understanding of Franchise business

Application Process

1. Fill in application form correctly and entirely as specified by the form and submit to franchise.mfc@mallika.co.th or ramita.mfc@gmail.com .

2. Mallika Franchise Co., Ltd. shall select appropriate location by sending a team to perform location survey and analysis

-Location Survey Fee is up to the actual distance **The investor shall be responsible for the rental fee

-Location Size for restaurant located in Gas station is 80-100 square meter

-Location Size for restaurant located in Department Store is 120-180 square meter

3.Notify the Location analysis result to Applicant. If the assessment is passed, Mallika Franchise Co., Ltd. shall call for an appointment between the applicant and the company’s board of directors.

4.After an interview with the company’s board of directors, the company shall make an approval announcement within 14 days

5.If the assessment is passed, Mallika Franchise Co., Ltd. shall all for an appointment to proceed with Franchise Agreement as well as payment for Franchise fee

6.Commence the restaurant business operation process: Design, Construction, and Training

Note: Applicant is not allowed to enter into any rental booking before the approval from the company to operate Yentafo Kruengsonge restaurant. Should the applicant fails to comply with this condition, the damages incurred shall be bound to the Applicant alone. The company will not be held responsible for such damages.