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The origin of Yentafo by A.Mallika was that once a staff at A. Mallika’s Restaurant had asked her to help invest in a Yentafo store, trying to convince her that her Yentafo recipe was very delicious. A. Mallika then asked the staff to make the dish for everyone in the restaurant to taste. A. Mallika reckoned that the Yentafo was nice but not enough to make customers revisit. A. Mallika herself preferred rich-flavored noodles “No Need for Extra Seasoning”, so she adjusted to the taste she liked. The secret recipe for “Yentafo Sauce” was improved overtime until it became the unique recipe of A. Mallika

The first branch of Yentafo by A.Mallika was opened in soi Ratchada Niwet at Meng Jai Intersection in 1999. It quickly became popular so A. Mallika expanded to the second and third stores at Num Choke Plaza on Chaeng Wattana Road and Kasetsart University. She tried to create a distinctive style that would differentiate her store from others to best satisfy the customers. It soon after became the unique rooster earthenware, the thick flat noodles, and the red color background that symbolizes Yentafo by A.Mallika until present.

Mallika’s Yentafo is reputed for the unique earthenware, specially ordered from the production source in the northern province of Lampang, in which Yentafo is served, as well as the bold flavor of Yentafo that is very much liked by people who prefer bold taste. Unlike other noodle stores, A. Mallika serves Yentafo with thick flat noodles only. The flat noodles are made from local rice flour which Thai farmers can grow on their own. A consumer survey carried out by A. Mallika also shows that 80% of the respondents prefer flat noodles Yentafo more than other variations. Having only flat noodles Yentafo also helps shorten the cooking process and the lead time, thus become equally competitive with foreign fast food stores. These are the reasons why A. Mallika serves only flat noodles!

A bowl of A. Mallika’s Yentafo contains more than 10 ingredients that really differentiate the Yentafo from others’ and hence the name “Krueng Songe.” The ingredients include round fish balls, rugby fish ball, white tofu pork ball, yellow tofu pork ball, fish wonton, fish stick, black mushrooms, pork blood cubes and crispy salmon skin. Every ingredient is selected only from the finest sources to ensure best quality and taste for the customers.